The Layover

Before I could fly to Stockholm, I had a long layover in Frankfurt. How to fill the time? Take a bath and a nap since I really did not sleep on the flight over. My niece and nephew will have a couple of new rubber duckies to add to their collection.   IMG_0079

After a light lunch I was driven in Porsche to the plane because it was not parked at a gate. We were going all over the tarmac and at one point I was convinced that the driver was either lost or was trying to figure out where the plane was parked. When we finally made it to the place, we had to wait a few minutes in the car because it was still refueling. Turns out that I was the first passenger to board. This plane had the slim-line seats. Not comfortable at all! I would hate to be in these seats for more than a couple of hours.

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