Finally, my vacation is here!

After much planning, I am finally embarking on my vacation on Viking’s Homeland Cruise. First, I have to get to Stockholm to board the Viking Star. My flight is on a Boeing 747-8i, a fairly new plane that is the longest commercial jet by a few inches. I have a special place in my heart for the 747. My first overseas flight alone was in a 747. Back then, there was a smoking section and while I asked for a non-smoking seat I had no idea about planes and seating arrangements. Needless to say, my non-smoking seat was one row ahead of the smoking section. I think it was from that experience that I became obsessive about my seat assignment.

Lufthansa 747-81
Lufthansa 747-81

But back to my flight to Frankfurt. I snagged seat 1K and I was told that it’s the front-most seat and that I will be arriving into Germany before anybody else, LOL! Since I was sitting by the curvature of the nose, I had amazing views from both sides of the plane as we were taking off. The engine noise sounds quite distant. It’s the guy next to me snoring that’s keeping me up. Makes me kinda wish for engine noise to drown him out.

The flight was a smooth and uneventful and the flight attendants were super nice and helpful. I hope this good start bodes well for the rest of my vacation. Up next, embarkation in Stockholm.

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