Foodie List

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve posted and I decided to restart the blog to combine two of my joys in life – travel and good food. The Washington Post’s food critic, Tom Sietsema, recently posted his 10 best food cities in the U.S.  Click here for the article. I find that lists are generally of personal taste even by experts. While I agree with the cities on his list, I disagree with how he ranked them. New York is definite higher than #8, and should be ranked ahead of Chicago, New Orleans, and Houston. While I’m partial to Portland, Sietsema’s #1 city, I think New York has a better restaurant scene.

I was recently in New York to soak in the holiday displays and do some Christmas shopping. We went to Ippudo West Side to have some ramen. Delicious! The ramen noodles were homemade and the broth was very tasty.  They serve it with a soft poached egg which I think separates the good ramen from the excellent ones.  This visit to Ippudo illustrates why the diversity, quality, and quantity of the restaurants in New York make it at least one of the best 3 cities in the U.S. for foodies.

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