Modern Gardens

Having been to the traditional botanical garden, we decided to head to the new Gardens by the Bay with a modern take on floral and plant presentation.  One example is the Super Trees – gigantic man-made trees, though not at the heights of California redwoods.  You can take an elevator up on of the trees and walk a narrow skyway to another tree.  From that vantage point, you can get a sweeping view of the Singapore skyline with a few of the Super Trees in the foreground. image







imageOne of my favorite foods in Singapore is the crab in black pepper sauce which I think is better than the one with chili sauce.  I’ve been raving about the crab to RC since we decided to take this trip.  We ran out time for us to go to the container ship dock or anywhere else for that matter to get the crab, so we settled on getting it at the Majestic Restaurant in the Gardens by the Bay.  The dish is a jumbo crab from Sri Lanka smothers in the sauce.  The one we had was about 2.5 lbs. I was afraid that I overhyped the crab to RC especially since we were at a restaurant that I had never gone to.  I did not have to worry.  RC savored every bite with an expression of pure gastronomical bliss on her face.

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