My friend, RC, and I are about to take a 2 1/2 week trip to Asia with the bulk of it on a cruise.  With the United miles great devaluation looming, we decided to cash in our miles to fly first class on Asian airlines which are renown for their service and “suites” in the air.  This prompted other friends to request that I blog about the experience, especially since I am not likely to experience it again any time soon.  So for the next few weeks, this blog will be part trip report, part culinary adventures (or just overindulgence), and sights of Southeast Asia.  RC also agreed to guest blog so we will enjoy the perspective (and good writing) of a published author.

To preview the trip, I looked back at my last trip to Asia.  My first stop was in Tokyo where I did a whirlwind 24 hour tour of the city.  I will again lay over in Tokyo but will not have enough time to visit the city.  The one thing I still appreciate from my last trip is how well the Japanese think about functionality.  Although I do not speak Japanese I managed to get to, from, and around Tokyo, seeing lots of sights, because everything made sense, was logically laid out, and anticipated needs that you did not know you had.  Take for example my ramen noodle experience.  At the time, I was on a ramen noodle kick and wandered around the Ginza area to find some hole in the wall place that served good, home-made ramen.  I found it between two office buildings run by a couple.  Again, without speaking a word of Japanese, I was able to order exactly what I wanted from a menu on a vending machine.  I sat at a narrow bar waiting for my bowl of noodles to come and saw that they anticipated customers with long hair may need some help in eating the noodles the way it should be done – hunched over the bowl and slurping at the soup.

Notice the yellow hair tie.  The little things that help you enjoy your meal!
Notice the yellow hair tie. The little things that help you enjoy your meal!









I am so looking forward to my flight on ANA – more ramen noodle!

Baseball at Tokyo Dome
Baseball at Tokyo Dome

I  also managed to sneak in a baseball game .  Standing room only The carnival-like atmosphere reminded me of a football (soccer) game in England, just not with the violence. If there were cursing it went over my head.

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